URL Fixer


A Firebox plugin that corrects wrongly-written URLs



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URL Fixer is a small plugin for Firefox that corrects those habitual errors of yours when typing in a URL.

For example, if you want to head to Google, you'll need to write www.google.com; but from time to time you screw up and write something different such as typing .con instead of .com.

URL Fixer corrects these pesky errors and helps you by not going back to that screwed up URL all over again.

The program works with the majority of domains including: .com, .bet, .gov, and .mil. Also, with protocalls like http: and https:

If you click on the button on the bottom right side of the search bar, you'll be able to activate/deactivate a dialox box that asks for your username so that the addon can get you started correcting your typos.
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